A party brawler where every character is overpowered

You are an overpowered gladiator with the skills to destroy all who stand before you. The only problem is, so is everyone else! Enter the Domiverse for fast and frantic fun in this party brawler made for up to four players in local play.


There’s always time for one more round in this fast and frantic 4-player party brawler. Each of the fighters has a crazy ability that’s a bit unfair, so it’s all about being a bit unfairer-than your friends. Punch through walls, teleport, snipe with extreme deadly accuracy or just be a massive laser shooting sausage - but you can’t be all of them. So pick your favourite fighter and battle your friends in super short and intense one-hit-kill matches in 3 different modes. Domiverse is best enjoyed accompanied by the assumption of some mild physical violence between friends, playing together in front of the TV.

When not brawling with friends you can tackle the single player arcade mode, or train to become the ultimate Domiverse competitor by smashing through target courses in challenge mode. Unlock several hidden characters, hand-drawn comics explaining the backstory of the fighters taking part in the Domiverse tournament and more.


  • Party brawler for up to 4 players
  • 10 characters, each one overpowered in their own way
  • Shoot through walls, teleport, or just be a massive laser-wielding sausage
  • 3 multiplayer game modes (King, Survivor and Ace Hunter)
  • All modes playable in free for all and in teams
  • Arcade and challenge mode for solo fighters
  • Unlock comics showing the bizarre backstories of some of the fighters
  • Also maybe a few hidden secrets, who knows?

Fact sheet

Developer: Haunted Tie, Based in Belgium

Release date: 7th March 2018

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Platform pages: Steam


Price: 12,99 $/€

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Instagram


Downloadable presskit

You can download screenshots, videos and comic books easily here: downloadable content



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Short action trailer

Launch trailer

Release date announcement trailer

Action trailer

How to play the characters

Gameplay trailer (2016)

Comic books


Nili is part of the revolutionary forces and is fighting to end the war on her planet.

Shluuuups is the direct descendant of the last winner of the Domiverse Tournament™. His father, King Shluuups made him to defend the family title.

Snakity takes part in the Domiverse Tournament™ hoping to realize his biggest dream: To live on a planet made of wool.

Uzal is a karateka starfish. After defeating in single combat all the inhabitants of his planet, he participate in Domiverse Tournament™ to meet some challenge.

Ash is a born predator. He took the place of a participant of the Domiverse Tournament™ in order to face tough opponents.

Glomorf is the winner of the last spit contest on his planet, he was designated to participate in the Domiverse Tournament™. This has made him very happy.

W8T is a robot developed by Souss. Its combat system reproduces capabilities of Shluuuups, son of the last winner of the Domiverse Tournament™. His only mission is to win the tournament.

Xand is part of the government forces, he fights so that the war raging on his planet continues.

(Unlockable) Patator is a natural born leader, he was chosen by the Domiverse Foundation to represent Earth.

(Unlockable) Rocky is one of those people made of rocks, no one knows their purpose.

Selected articles


  • E-Lotto fresh talent prize, Belgian game awards

Haunted Tie

Haunted Tie is an indie game dev studio based in Belgium. Having released a number of experimental games through, Domiverse marks the first major release for the studio.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Alexandre de la Serna

Artist, Haunted Tie

Gillian Sampont

Developer, Haunted Tie

Cédric De Müelenaere

Graphist & Cartoonist, Haunted Tie

Fabrice "Fabot" Blin

Music Composer, Pipolass

Bastien Gorissen

Music Composer, GSM Productions

Pablo Schwilden Diaz

Sound Designer, Sonicville 360